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Commonly Asked Questions / FAQ
Commonly Asked Questions / FAQ
Why don't my Motion results match Ads Manager?Find out why Motion results might look different from what you're seeing in ads manager.
How do you change the attribution window in Motion Reports?In this video we walk through the steps to change the attribution window for Meta (Facebook) reports.
Why are Google Analytics metrics showing errors/blanks?Learn how to troubleshoot matching errors with our crazy-powerful Google Analytics integration.
What's the difference between an Owner, Admin, Collaborator, and Guest?We take a dive into the capabilities and limitations of each of our user access levels.
How do I analyze Dynamic Creatives?Learn more about our dynamic creative analysis capabilities for both Facebook and TikTok.
How do you calculate the average bar?The average bar provides a quick baseline to compare the performance of one ad against the rest of the set. Learn how we calculate it.
FB says I reached the API limit. What's going on?Facebook sets strict API limits, which may cause Motion to timeout for up to an hour. Learn why this happens and how you can avoid it.
Why can't I find a metric I'm looking to add into my report?Trying to add a certain metric that isn't showing as an option when building reports?
What currency does Motion pull in for data?What currency do Motion reports show in?
Why is Northbeam not pulling in data when selecting a larger window of time?
Why can't I add Google Analytics metrics to my comparative reports?
Does Motion pull in ads that are in a "learning stage" on Meta?
Can you pull custom events or custom conversions into Motion?
Why can't I add the Frequency metric to my reports?
Can I update the name of ads after they’ve been published, and those changes will reflect in Motion?
Does Motion pull in Deleted or Archived ads?
How does Group By Creative work?
How do I see which Motion plan I am on?
How can I find my invoices for Motion?
What access level to ad accounts do you need on Meta for Motion to work?
How do I change my organization name in Motion?Changing the name of your organization in Motion.
How to Cancel Your Motion Plan
How to Delete Organizations, Workspaces, and AccountsHow to delete an organization/workspace or connect a different ad account.
What metrics are supported for Dynamic Creative ads?
How can I see when an ad / creative was launched?
Do I lose my snapshot links if I delete an ad account off Motion?
How do I change my workspace name?
Can you tag teammates on comments snapshot reports?
I just got invited to an existing Motion account, why am I being asked to connect a data source?New members (including guests, collaborators, and admins) can have an onboarding issue if invites aren't accepted correctly.
How to Update Your Payment Method in MotionLearn to update your payment information and find other billing settings in Motion.
Editing Guest Permissions in MotionNo need to invite guests multiple times, edit workspace access all in Motion!