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Why don't my Motion results match Ads Manager?
Why don't my Motion results match Ads Manager?

Find out why Motion results might look different from what you're seeing in ads manager.

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Through helping hundreds of Motion users, I've gathered that there's 4 main reasons why at first glance what you're seeing in Motion might differ from ads manager.

Undetected Global Filters

Sometimes, Motion reports might have a global filter applied to hone in an area of interest. When troubleshooting data mismatches, it's always a good idea to start by ensuring that the filters you've applied in Motion (screenshot below) match the ones you're comparing to on ads manager.

Different attribution windows

Motion defaults attribution windows to 7 Day Click | 1 Day View. It's common that media buyers will configure ad sets on ads manager to a different attribution window, which will naturally cause a mismatch of results between Motion and ads manager. But don't worry, the solution is quite simple since we can dynamically change attribution windows in Motion.

We'll create a custom metrics preset by following the steps in the screenshot below. Please note that step 5 will allow you to modify the attribution window to your needs!

Different date ranges

Another step we want to take here to ensure we're looking at comparable data, is to verify that the date range selected in Motion matches ads manager. To do this, adjust the date range as shown in the screenshot below.

Confusion between grouped and broken down metrics

Motion allows you to group by different elements like ad name, creative, copy, headline, or landing page. Ensure you're grouping by ad name in order to have the most comparable results with ads manager. This can be adjusted as shown in the screenshot below.

Multiple ads can be grouped together in the table underneath the visualization. If you want to see the breakdown at the individual ad level (instead of group), you'll be able to do so by clicking on the group as shown in the screenshot below. This will be the closest view to ads manager reporting.

If you're still having issues getting your data to match, feel free to drop us a line by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right corner and we'll get you sorted ASAP!

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