Getting Started with Motion Checklist

New to Motion? Use this checklist to ensure you're set up!

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This checklist outlines everything you need to get started with Motion. These steps will walk you through the initial set up, as well as how to begin pulling insights from your reports!

Signing Up

Motion is a platform that allows you to pull in your ad data to build creative reports. Currently we connect with Meta, TikTok, and Youtube ad accounts and are able to enrich data with Google Analytic and Northbeam!

Head to and select Get Started in the top right corner to start your trial or create an account. If your company already has an account ask an admin to send you an email invitation to join the org.

Set up your Motion dashboard

This is your getting started checklist! Throughout this article we'll dive into each step.

Workspace set up and ad account connection

Workspaces are nested within Organizations and house all of your reports. Each workspace can have only have one ad account per platform attached.

If you are a Brand using Motion, it's recommended that you create an individual workspace for each ad account type you connect. For example, one workspace for your Meta account and one workspace for TikTok.

If you are an Agency using Motion, it's recommended that you create an individual workspace for each client, keeping all ad accounts for that client in the one workspace.

To do so, head to the top left menu, and select 'Create workspace'.

Next, connect the required ad accounts (Meta, TikTok, and/or Youtube).

You will need admin-level permissions to connect new ad accounts.

Add team members to the account

There are four types of member roles on Motion - the listed Owner, Admins, Collaborators, and Guests.

Owners, Admins, and Collaborators can create and edit reports, while Guests can view reports.

You can add unlimited Guests on any Motion plan. They won't count towards your total member count.

To add new users:

  • Head to the bottom left menu

  • Select 'My account'

  • Select 'Members'

  • Choose the 'Add New Members' button in the top right corner

  • Add the email address for the new user account, and select the role, then click 'Send Invite'

If the invited user doesn't receive the email, try sending it to their personal email. When clicking the invite link the user can notate their work email.

Set up permissions

Each Motion member will need to connect a platform profile that has permissions to the ad account, and Meta page or TikTok asset. This authentication allows platforms to confirm they have permission to release the ad account data and ad previews to Motion.

For a breakdown of setting up users, follow the links below:

Guest accounts will now see 14 days worth of data, without connecting a profile to Motion! In order for them to see additional date ranges, we do though recommend they connect a profile still. More information on this here.

Add data enrichment

Attribution softwares allow you to paint a better picture of your ad effectiveness. As an optional step, you can pull in additional metrics through different attribution platforms, such as Northbeam and Google Analytics. Once connected, you can pull these metrics in as new columns within the table and add them to reports.

Build your first report

You're all set up! Now it's time to dive into building reports. Two resources that will guide you through this process:

  • Curating reports with filters, grouping functions and metrics can speed up your reporting and help you find more actionable insights. Here’s a video with a quick rundown of how to build and navigate your reports!

  • This video walks through some of our favorite reports. We'll talk through insights you can pull and stories you can start to tell from the reports.

💬 Don't be shy, reach out to us through the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner if you have any questions! We're always here to help.

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