Solving Facebook Permissions

How to fix the "you need permissions on Facebook to Access this Account" error

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With Motion, in order to pull in report data, you need to connect a Facebook account to your Motion login. This account needs to also have permissions to the ad account on Facebook.

If you are seeing this error message when viewing reports, this means you need to set up proper permissions.

How to set up Facebook permissions

  • Head to the bottom left corner of your Motion dashboard, and select 'My account'

  • Select the 'Integrations' tab

  • Connect a user under the Meta section

  • The user connected here will also need permissions to the ad account on Facebook's end. To set this up, head to the business manager on Facebook's end.

  • In your Facebook business manager, under the Users > People tab, ensure the user connected to Motion is also listed here.

  • Make sure this user has been given permissions to the Ad account

Once permissions have been given to the ad account for the user, reports should load in Motion.

Reach out to us through the chat icon, in the bottom right corner of your Motion account if you are still having issues, and our support specialists can help!

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