Getting started with the Northbeam integration

Supercharge your attribution game by incorporating Northbeam analytics into your Motion dashboards.

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View Northbeam’s first-party data in Motion

Northbeam is a first-party data collection tool that uses machine learning to best stitch, map, and clean the data, and then uses proprietary analytics models to best interpret the data.

This universal ad attribution platform is used by marketers to learn exactly how ad spend is performing – and how to scale it.

Now, you can access Northbeam’s first-party data in Motion and leverage first-party data to dive deeper into your creative profiling with breakdown metrics like ‘New Visits,’ ‘New Transactions,’ and ‘Returning Transactions.’ Here’s how you can set it up:

How to integrate Northbeam data into Motion

Eligibility: Only members listed as 'Owner' or 'Admin' in Motion are able to enable this integration. Log into one of these member account types before moving to the next step.

To get started, log into your Motion account, click the top left drop down menu to select your Workspace, and click ‘Workspace Settings.’ Under ‘Data Sources’ on the top tab, click the button labelled ‘Add data enrichment’ to connect the integration.

  1. Click on Workspace Settings from the top left drop down menu, and navigate to the 'Data Sources' tab.

  2. Select ‘Add data enrichment'.

  3. Select 'Connect' next to Northbeam.

4. The popup will ask you to authenticate the connection through a Northbeam login window – go ahead and click to authenticate.

5. Fill out the attribution details in the next window and hit ‘Save.’ Your window will go into a refresh mode and reload with Northbeam data sources now connected to your Motion.

Now you’re ready to start building reports using Northbeam’s insights.

How to build reports using Northbeam data

Tip: Northbeam data currently only works with Top Performing reports, and grouped by Ad Name.

Tip: Northbeam can pull in a window of 365 days at a time for reports.

Click on any ‘Top Performing Ad Report’ and add Northbeam as a metric! To do so you can select the ‘Add Metric’ button, and search for Northbeam to choose from a list of Northbeam metrics.

And here we go!

Please note: Northbeam ROAS is not available for YouTube Metrics in Motion at this time!

If you need further support, feel free to drop us a line by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right corner to chat with one of our specialists!

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