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Top 3 Ways to Use Snapshots
Top 3 Ways to Use Snapshots

Motion's Snapshots helps seamlessly share performance insights, brief iterations, and align on next steps all in one place!

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Ways Snapshots can empower your creative strategy workflow

Let Snapshots make your life easier for key handoff points in the creative strategy workflow. Here are 3 of our favorites:

1. Share performance insights with your team, clients, and creative partners.

Share performance insights with your whole team in a visual and digestible way. This is great for weekly reports, quick leadership updates, or even just sharing a quick win to pump the team up!

Snapshots allow anyone to view the data + play ad previews. Goodbye ad preview share links πŸ‘‹

Want a peak at how this looks in real life? πŸ‘€ Check out this report here!

Tips & reminders:

  • Turn on conditional highlighting to makes it easy for viewers to quickly make sense of the story you are trying to tell with the data.

  • Customize your table columns before sharing your report to show the key metrics that are important to your specific team members, and select only the ads you're referencing in your insights to ensure everyone is on the same page. Save the columns as a preset to quickly access again later.

  • As long as someone has the Snapshot link, they'll be able view your report and ad previews, even if they don't have access to your Motion or ad account.

  • Viewers of your Snapshot report won't be able to edit anything, so don't worry about data accidentally changing or getting lost!

2. Easily brief creative team members & content creators on iteration opportunities and align on next steps in one place.

Pulling performance data, sending preview links, communicating next steps, and digging up the original asset becomes a big ask when separated across numerous places.

Make it easy with Snapshots. Use the description as a brief for your creative team identifying which ads should be iterated on, ideas on what changes should be made, and use comments to align on next steps together all in one place.

Want a peak at how this looks in real life? πŸ‘€ Check out this report here!

Tips & reminders:

  • Utilize the comment section to the right to share thoughts and ideas before jumping into production!

  • Creative team members can download the creatives directly from Motion if they need the file for quick edits.

3. Memorialize important insights so you never lose impactful learnings.

Too many great ideas and insights go to die in the back of strategists brains. Use Snapshots to quickly save those impactful learnings so you can always reference them. Create a log in Notion, Asana, Apple Notes, etc to keep up with insights, OR go back and view any snapshots that have been created in the snapshot manager at any time.

Want a peak at how this looks in real life? πŸ‘€ Check out this report here!

If you need a refresher on how to create a Snapshot, check out this article

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