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Sharing reports - Snapshots
Sharing reports - Snapshots

Need to share reports to other team mates who are not on Motion? No problem! Read more to find out how.

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Sharing report insights and data to clients, or across team members, is an important aspect of creative analysis. With Motion, you have the ability to share reports as needed, even with those who do not have a Motion account.

Snapshot Report Use Cases

Snapshot reports can be used for a number of reasons!

  • For agencies, share your findings with clients, and focus in on the specific ads that are a part of these insights

  • Create snapshot reports to share with teammates for weekly meetings

  • Share performance data with creative teams so they know how the ad performed

  • Create an insights log, linking snapshots to memorialize your most valuable learnings

How to Create a Snapshot Report

  • Open your report

  • Select the 'Share report' button, located in the top right corner

  • Add comments if needed, and select 'Copy link'

  • In the shareable report you'll be able to add a description, allowing you to showcase the key insights you want the report to focus on:

  • You'll now have a shareable link you can send to anyone, which gives a snapshot of the report you've selected

NEW! You Can Now Tag Teammates in Comments on Snapshots

You can add additional comments on the right hand side with suggestions on iterations needed, key metrics to highlight, etc.

Add at @ tag to notify anyone on your team - they'll then be notified via email of the comment!

Memorialize Your Learnings

Keep a record of past insights and learnings in our snapshot logs!

In each workspace you'll be able to see all past snapshot reports created, allowing you to track any past insight you've gathered within the account. To see these head to the top left menu in your desired workspace, and select 'Snapshots'.

Keep in mind, if you delete a workspace / ad account in Motion, the snapshots for that workspace will be permanently deleted.


With snapshot reports, you will only see the ads selected in the Motion report (up to 8 ads in bar chart or line chart view, and up to 16 ads in card view).

These reports are a snapshot of the exact moment you created the report, so they do not update dynamically.

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