Advanced Motion Reports for Black Friday Prep

In this video, Kyra, our Creative Strategy Lead, walks you though some advanced Motion reports to take your BFCM efforts to the next level

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After building some base reports in Motion to guide this year's holiday briefing, this video will cover some advanced reports that will help you dig deeper into creative performance for more actionable next steps this holiday season. By leveraging these performance-based insights, you can optimize your BFCM strategy and drive stronger results.

00:00 Advanced reports for Holiday planning introduction

00:23 Utilizing comparative reports to identify more trends and insights

01:12: Comparing creative formats during BFCM last year

02:45: Utilizing your naming conventions to identify additional comparative reports you can build

03:20: Comparing performance across content creators/influencers from BFCM last year

05:00: Utilize tagging (if you have access to this Motion feature) to help build comparative reports if elements are missing within your naming conventions during BFCM last year

08:25: Utilizing top spending reports to identify successful trends, and guide next steps for the holidays this year

Additional tips and recommendations:

  • Videos and GIFs are a great way to catch users' attention, especially during the busy holiday season.

  • As we approach the holidays, lean into successful trends as BFCM is the most competitive time of the year, and it will be more expensive to test bigger swings.

  • Rely on creatives you know your audience resonates strongly with as they're about to be served way more ads than they typically are throughout the year, so your ads need to fight harder through the busier and louder environments

  • Motion's comparative reports will help guide your creative direction as you can gain a deeper understanding into which themes are the most successful for your account, such as:

    • Which products you should feature/focus the most on based on performance; users want the best deal on your best sellers

    • How to phrase your BFCM sales if you've previously tested promotional messaging (ie. "Up to X% off" vs "Now only $X" or "Our biggest sale of the year" vs "Our Black Friday sale")

If you missed the first video on how to build base reports to help guide your holiday briefing, check it out here!

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