Kick off Black Friday planning with these Motion reports

In this video, Kyra Richards, our Creative Strategy Lead, walks you though how to use your Motion reports to start prepping for the Holidays

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This video covers how to use performance data to identify successful trends and strategies during BFCM of last year, and how to pull actionable insights to optimize your holiday marketing efforts this year!

00:00 BFCM planning introduction

00:38 Establishing BFCM campaign timelines from last year, and organizing your audit reports

03:38 Identifying top spenders during BFCM last year

03:59 Sharing BFCM top spenders from last year with team members, and collaborating next steps for this year

05:32 Analyzing landing page performance during BFCM last year

07:43 Analyzing copy performance during BFCM last year

09:31 Identifying top video hooks during BFCM last year

15:54 Comparing & combining top performing elements from BFCM last year with current top performing trends

Additional tips & tricks:

  • Utilize your naming conventions and apply filters to narrow down and hone in on your creative performance across funnel stages, audiences, etc.

  • Rely on Motion's Snapshot feature to seamlessly share performance insights across team members, and align on next steps.

  • With Foreplay, you can pull creative inspiration from their curated library of over 500k winning ad ideas, as well as build actionable briefs and storyboards

Once you've built your base reports in Motion, check out this Loom that walks through some advanced reports that help find interesting trends and take your BFCM strategy to the next level

If you also want a quick refresher on how to build a more actionable reporting structure in Motion, check out this article.

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