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Editing Your Table Chart Metrics and Creating Presets
Editing Your Table Chart Metrics and Creating Presets
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In every report, below the main graph, will be a table with metrics. You can customize the metrics that show in these columns to your needs. To do so:

  • Head to the bottom column section of a report

  • Select 'Custom'

  • Search for any additional metrics you'd like to add, and check off the additional ones needed

  • On the left menu, under KPIs, you'll have the option to remove metrics, and rearrange the order of the metrics

  • If this is a set of metrics you'd like to add to other reports, you can select the option to 'Save as New Preset'

  • You can then go into any existing report, or new report, and select the 'Custom' button once more to apply the new preset

Tip: If you are trying to add metrics into your graph above, and the metric you are looking for is not showing as option in your search, you may need to add the metrics to the table chart first!

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