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Optimized Ad Naming - Creative Learnings Template
Optimized Ad Naming - Creative Learnings Template

Looking to gather more insights from your ad creatives? Check out our ad naming template to get the most out of Motion!

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In this video Kyra, our Creative Strategy Lead, walks you through how to think about ad naming, and why it plays such an important role in creative analysis! In this video, we cover:

  • 0:00 Why ad naming is important

  • 3:20 Step one: Learning Brainstorm - determining what we want to learn from our creatives

  • 6:05 Step two: Naming Glossary - How to carry the learnings we want to test into naming conventions

  • 8:33 Step three: Creative Name Generator - how the generator works to create ad names for you

  • 10:46 Step four: Learning Log - Running through our hypothesis we wanted to test, and how to check these in Motion!

Access our Creative Learnings Template here! (Select File > Make a Copy to build one for your own use)

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