Getting started with the Youtube integration

Pull in your advertising data from Youtube in order to build reports and make creative decisions on ad performance.

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With the new Youtube integration you can now extend Motion's functionality to Youtube ads!

Add Youtube as a data source to a workspace

Eligibility: Only members listed as 'Owner' or 'Admin' in Motion are able to enable this integration. Log into one of these member account types before moving to the next step.

To add Youtube as a data source to any of your workspaces:

  • Ensure you are in the workspace you want to connect Youtube to. Select the top left menu, and choose ‘Workspace settings’

  • On the Data source tab, select ‘Connect’ next to Youtube, and choose your ad account.

  • You should now see Youtube added as a data source to the selected workspace.

Now you’re ready to start building reports with your Youtube ad data!

If you happen to see a pop up message, similar to the one below, and it will not allow you to add the Youtube data source in, please reach out to our team to chat about upgrading your plan to add an extra data source!

How to build reports using Youtube data

Tip: Youtube data currently works with Top Performing reports only, and grouped by Ad Name.

Tip: Youtube can pull in a window of 365 days at a time for reports.

Get started with building reports in Motion for Youtube:

  • Click ‘Create report’, and select a Top Performing report

  • Choose the data source in the top right corner to ensure you have Youtube selected

  • Now select any metrics you’d like to compare to build your Youtube reports!

If you don't see the metrics you're looking for, there is a chance the metric is still in Motion. We have additional metrics you can pull into a report that aren't automatically selected. To see these metrics:

  • Scroll to the far right of the columns, and select the ‘Add metrics’ button (1)

  • From here you can type in the metric you are looking for (2), and check off the additional options you’d like to add in

  • You also have the option to arrange the order of the metrics in your column (3) and can then save it as a preset (4) if you’d like to use these metrics in another report!

Please note: If you have a Northbeam account connected to your YouTube data source in Motion, Northbeam ROAS will not be available for YouTube Metrics at this time.

If you need further support, feel free to drop us a line by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right corner to chat with one of our specialists!

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