Duplicating Reports

Want to duplicate reports in a workspace or across workspaces to save time? Here's how!

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Duplicating reports allow you to make a copy of an existing report. This duplicate will contain all the same filters, date ranges, and grouping selected.

To duplicate a report or folder or reports

  • Head to the left menu where all your current reports are listed

  • Select the three dots next to any report or folder

  • Select the option to 'duplicate here', which will add the report to your current workspace, or to 'duplicate to another workspace', which will move the report/reports to the new workspace selected

This is a great option to use if you are working with multiple workspaces, and want to bring the existing reports builds into another workspace.

Once reports are duplicated into the new workspace, you can adjust any filters, grouping, or date ranges needed for the new reports.

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