Weekly Reporting in Motion

In this video, Kyra Richards, our Creative Strategy Lead, walks you though how to build an actionable report structure in Motion

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This video will cover how to build a more actionable report structure based on your reporting cadence, and how to utilize performance metrics to segment your creative to guide the actions we might take with them.

  • 00:00 Introduction

  • 01:31 Starting with the Basics

  • 03:44 Adjusting for Contextual Metrics

  • 04:25 Analyzing Spend and Trends

  • 5:59 Segmenting High Spend Ads

  • 08:41 Analyzing Performance based on spend and scale

  • 12:37 Using the Snapshot Feature to collaborate and seek feedback

  • 14:50 How to track scaled winners, scaled bottom performers, potentials to fix, mid scalers with low return, mid scalers with high return, potential emerging winners, and potentials to pause

Time saver tips & tricks:

  • Once you’ve established spend thresholds and your KPI goals to identify scaled winners, duplicate reports and adjust the metrics to identify if assets need more time to scale, need some slight tweaks, or should be paused

  • Utilize the Snapshot feature to easily share performance with team members, and collaborate on next steps together

If you want a quick refresher on the best ways to customize Motion reports, check out this loom from Carissa.

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