Solving TikTok ad preview error

Fixing the "no preview available for this ad" error

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With TikTok, when previewing an ad, if you are seeing a message saying 'no preview available for this ad' it's likely a Spark ad. You can create Spark ads on the TikTok business manager by directly pulling in existing content via an authorization code, or via account linkage to access all Spark-available posts without any codes.

Saying so, when ads are created through the account linkage option, creative assets may not pull through into Motion without extra permissions given.

Solving the "page permissions needed" error

If you run into this error, you'll need to ensure you have permissions to the TikTok account the creative assets are attached to.

  • In the TikTok business manager, head to the Assets tab

  • Select the TikTok Accounts option

  • Ensure you have permissions to the TikTok account that the original creative asset lives on

  • Once you get permissions to the TikTok account, we will need to resync those creative assets to Motion. Reach out to our support team (through the chat bubble in the bottom right hand corner), and we will finalize the last step to sync these in.

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