Solving Page Permissions

Solving the "Correct page permission required" error

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Solving the "Correct page permission required" error

In Meta, there are two places ads can be run from: directly from ads manager or from a page (boosted page post, cross post, whitelisted post, etc.). Ads being run from a page require additional page-level permissions.

If correct permissions are not granted to the linked profile, you will see a prompt like the one shown below.

Steps to fix the page permissions pop up

To fix the preview issue, you'll want to ensure the team member who originally synced the ad account to Motion goes through the next steps. Reach out to support if you are unsure which team member this is.

  • Select the 'Edit page permissions' button

  • A pop up will appear allowing you to select pages you'd like to give Motion permissions to

If you are still having issues seeing ad previews:

With or without page permissions, you can always preview your ad creatives through our iFrame button:

  • Select an ad group in the column section of a report

  • Click the iFrame button next to an individual ad in the pop up window

This will show you the headline and copy attached to the ad as well.

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