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Performance Metric Filters - Filter Reports by Your KPIs
Performance Metric Filters - Filter Reports by Your KPIs

Filter reports further by the metrics that matter most!

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You can now add KPI filters to any Top Performing Ads report in Motion! This means your reports can be curated to show the ad results you care about most, removing any ads that don’t meet your specific requirements.

Some ways this can be used:

  • Reports that highlight the best performers by element (ex. "Videos with killer thumbstops")

  • Reports that show focused insights for the right team-members

  • Filter by multiple KPIs to reduce the noise and pinpoint ads that perform among multiple metric targets (ex. ROAS, spend, and thumbstop)

To set this up, select the ‘Add filter’ button. Choose ‘Performance Metrics’, and select the metric(s) of your choice:

If you need further support, feel free to drop us a line by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right corner to chat with one of our specialists!

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