So you got a permission what? There are 3 main reasons this could be happening:

Reason #1: Your Ad Profile isn't Linked to Motion

Let's take a step back...when first joining Motion, you'll be prompted to connect your Facebook and/or TikTok account (profile) as shown in the screenshot below. *This step is mandatory for every user and is needed to be able to view reports within Motion, regardless of your access level (admin/collaborator/guest).

Reason #2: Incorrect/Lacking Ads Manager Permissions to the Ad Account in Question

Even after linking the corresponding profiles, once you navigate through the different workspaces in your organization you might still bump into another prompt similar to the one shown below. This prompt indicates that although you've already linked your corresponding profile, we noticed that you don't have ads manager access to the ad account belonging to the reports you're trying to visualize. *This step is mandatory for every user and is needed to be able to view reports within Motion, regardless of your access level (admin/collaborator/guest).

In this case, there are three main alternatives:

  1. Get the corresponding ads manager permissions from an ads manager admin on your team ( Facebook Instructions | TikTok Instructions ).

  2. Share Motion login credentials with whoever already has the right access

  3. Use your own Motion credentials but swap the linked profiles to the ones belonging to an admin that already has the right ads manager access to the corresponding accounts (see screenshot below).

Reason #3: Additional Page Permissions are Required

In Facebook, there are two places ads can be run from: directly from ads manager or from a page (boosted page post, whitelist, etc.). Ads being run from a page require additional page-level permissions. If correct permissions are not granted to the linked profile, you will see a prompt like the one shown below. The user with the right page permissions will have to click the prompt and edit their settings to give us access to the right pages (we recommend ticking all of them).

Compared to the previous permissions explored so far, page permissions only need to be provided once by someone on the team and they'll extend to everyone else in the organization.

If you're not able to get the page permissions needed, there's a workaround to still be able to view the assets by following the steps in the screenshot below.

If you're still having permission issues, feel free to drop us a line by clicking the chat bubble on the bottom right corner and we'll get you sorted ASAP!

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