Creating a Workspace

What is a workspace?

A workspace is dedicated to a specific brand or client, and it can encompass numerous data sources such as Meta and TikTok, which are our sources of information.

How do I create a workspace?

  1. Click on your organization

  2. Settings

  3. Workspaces

  4. "Add new workspace" button

  5. Name workspace (eg. client/brand name)

  6. Connect appropriate accounts when prompted

Connecting a Data Source

What is a data source?

A data source is an ad account from Meta or TikTok (more coming soon) or a source like GA. A data source links a workspace to a source of information.

How do I connect a data source?

  1. Select a workspace

  2. Got to workspace settings

  3. "Data sources" tab

  4. "Connect new data source' button

  5. Connect appropriate account

Creating New Reports

Creating new reports will allow us to maximize the insights available by adapting to changes in the account (i.e. started using influencers, launched new products, etc.) or onboarding new clients.

There are 2 methods to create new reports:

A. Duplicate Existing reports (leverages existing criteria):

  1. Find a similar report to the one you want to build

  2. Click the 3 dots next to the report

  3. Choose to duplicate within the workspace (Duplicate Report) or to a different one (Duplicate To...)

B. Start from scratch:

  1. Go to new reports

  2. Select between top performing and comparative analysis

* If you don't have a foundational layer of reports yet or need help tailoring a specific report to your needs, shoot me an email! - [email protected]

Automated Grouping Functionalities

Grouping allows us to see holistic performance grouping ads based on ad name, creative, copy, headline, or landing page.

How do I group?

  1. Go to group results by

  2. Select from any of the 5 options

Geeky Fact: Group by creative shows broken-down performance for individual creatives in DCOs (FBAM doesn’t)

Duplicating Reports Between Accounts

Duplicating reports between accounts can save a lot of time for agencies that are onboarding new clients. Elements carried over include title, date range, filters, metrics preset, & group by.

How do I duplicate reports between accounts?

  1. Click 3 dots next to reports (or folder) to be copied)

  2. Duplicate to

  3. Select workspaces to duplicate to

  4. Confirm with "Duplicate" button

Updating Naming Conventions

Naming conventions vary from account to account (eg. stage of funnel, products, concepts, etc.) and will need to be updated accordingly.

There's 2 types of reports:

  1. Top Performing

    1. Focuses on the exact creative

    2. Can automatically group information based on ad name, creative, copy, headline, & LPs

    3. Less dependent on naming conventions

  2. Comparative Analysis

    1. Focuses on general trends across the account, regardless of the exact creative

    2. Can leverage naming conventions to build a number of groups

    3. More dependent on naming conventions

How do I update naming conventions?

For top performing reports:

  1. Go to the report you need to update

  2. Click on an existing global filter (Will pop up 3-7)

  3. Choose between campaign name, ad set name, ad name, Ad Type.

  4. Choose between contains / does not contain

  5. Type Keyword

  6. (Optional) Add an “OR” statement (eg. Acquisition)

  7. Apply

  8. (Optional) Add another filter (eg. ads shown will be Prospecting AND Video)

  9. (Optional) If filter is Ad Type, you will see a menu like 9 to choose from

For comparative analysis reports:

  1. Go to the report you need to update

  2. Change name of group 1

  3. Expand on group filters

  4. Update the 3 elements to your needs (similar to steps 2-7 from previous slide)

  5. Apply

  6. Repeat as needed for every group

  7. Can also update global report filters like we did in previous slide

Updating Filters

Naming conventions will differ between accounts. Updating filters will help make those final adjustments after creating or duplicating reports, for it to reflect the new account's naming conventions.

How do I update filters?

  1. Go to "Filter ads where..."

  2. Select from any of the 6 options (Campaign, Ad Set, Ad Name, Ad Delivery, Ad Spend, Ad Type)

  3. You can Mix & Match "AND" and "OR" filters to see exactly what you need.

Hope this article was insightful!

If this article didn't answer your questions or you found any areas of opportunity, drop me a line: [email protected]

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