How do I know when Page Permissions are required?

When using Motion, you'll see that Page Permissions are required to view a preview if you hover over a thumbnail and see the message "Connect to Facebook to see this ad preview". Clicking on the thumbnail will bring you into a flow that allows you to quickly connect to the page.

How do I connect to the page?

To connect to the page, first select the "Connect to Facebook" button after clicking on the thumbnail of the ad.

Upon its selection, you'll need to press on the Edit Settings button to enable page permissions.

Then, select on all the individual pages that your ads are running on.

Once you've finished the flow, Motion should now be able to access the ad creative and show you the preview for the ad.

It still isn't working for me

Many brands will have multiple pages for their brand (such as country-specific pages or pages for individual product lines). If your ad preview isn't working, it likely is because you are not connected to the right page.

Make sure that you have access to all pages that your ads are running ads across and that you provide Motion with permission to these individual pages.

If you are still running into difficulties after troubleshooting, drop us a message through our chat widget and we'll be happy to help!

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