Motion users can collaborate with members of their team and share reports with clients.

In order to protect the privacy of ad accounts and prevent Facebook's API from hitting limits, we require that each member or guest on a workspace connect to their own Facebook account to access Facebook reports on Motion. As a result, in order to view Facebook reports in any given Workspace you must have Admin permissions to the corresponding ad account on Facebook.

As an example:

  • Mike was invited to collaborate on an Organization that has the Facebook data source Acme Inc connected to it. Mike also has Admin permissions to Acme Inc's ad account on Facebook, so he is able to access it on Motion!

  • That same Organization has the Facebook data source A1 Inc connected to it as well. Mike doesn't have Admin permissions to A1 Inc's ad account on Facebook, so he won't be able to access it on Motion.

In this circumstance, Mike will see the following in the Workspace pane of his Organization Settings:

How can Mike connect to A1 Inc's account? It is as simple as getting Admin permissions to A1's ad account through the Facebook Account he's linked to Motion.

Method #1: Get Admin permissions to the respective Facebook account (Recommended)

The best way to connect to the account is to connect with the admin of the respective Facebook Ad Account and have them add you with Admin permissions to the account through Facebook's Business Settings.

Once done, Motion will automatically detect that you have the permissions and connect you to the account.

Method #2: Change the Facebook account connected to Motion (Not Recommended)

If you have a second Facebook account that has Admin permissions to the Facebook Ad Account you'd like to see on Motion, you can also navigate to My Settings and connect to Motion with that account instead.

However, we do not recommend this approach unless your alternate account also has Admin permissions to the other accounts you access on Motion. The reason why is because Motion can only connect to one Facebook account at a time - and switching to a second one will cause you to lose access to other accounts on Motion that you don't have permissions to.

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