What is Top Performing Ads?

The Top Performing Ads report is a leaderboard-style report that answers the basic question, "What is my top performing creative at any given stage of the funnel".

Motion users leverage the Top Performing Ad report to get an idea of what creative is performing best, so they can allocate spend and creative resources accordingly.

Setting up your Top Performing Ads report

When you create a Top Performing Ads report, it will automatically create a leaderboard-style report of all your top ads.

Top Performing Ads allow you to leverage your Naming Conventions to filter your results by specific parameters. For example, if you wanted to see all your top performing ads in the Top of Funnel, you could use the Filter Panel at the top of the report to filter your results accordingly.

By using the table, you can change what is being shown on the Top Performing ads report. The two checkmarks at the top of the table are the two KPI's that are shown on the table. Unchecking and checking new ones allow you to look at the KPIs that matter most.

To change the sorting, you should select the KPIs - then to select all the top KPIs of the new sorting, you should deselect and reselect the selection item below the graph.

As with the Comparative Analysis, you can customize columns to your preference through the column select item.

The Power of Ad Grouping

By default, Motion groups all your ads together if they have identical names or post ID. You can see the grouping within the table, and clicking on it will take you to the Ad Breakdown view to see how each individual ad in the group is performing.

Ad Grouping is a powerful feature because it allows teams to get a good idea of what creatives are performing - regardless of what ad set they are appearing on. Without grouping, your top performing ads would always be those within the top performing ad sets.

Use Cases for the Top Performing Ad

The Top Performing Ad report provides a wealth of knowledge, allowing you to do things such as:

  • Weekly Reporting: Many Motion users checkin on their Top Performing Ads on Monday to share insights with their teams on what is working best.

  • Creative Refresh: Midweek creative refresh is simplified with Top Performing Ads - Motion users often login on Wednesdays to look at the top creatives, and refresh them in new ad sets to boost performance.

  • Monitor Creative Burnout: The line chart view of Top Performing Ads are helpful to see when a creative is beginning to lose steam, and needs to be replaced with new creatives.

  • Providing Creative Feedback: Creative teams love to leverage the Top Performing Ads to see which creatives are the best to iterate upon for the next batch.

Suggested Top Performing Ads Reports

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  • Placement (IG vs FB)

  • Landing Page (product, homepage)

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