Why Naming Convention Matters

Naming convention is about more than just an organized ad account - a solid naming convention allows you to manage and iterate upon a scaling ad operation.

Robust naming conventions are designed with two goals in mind:

  1. Creating a Manageable Ad Environment: As your team grows, collaboration within and across different ad accounts becomes critical to cross-functional productivity. Naming conventions can allow team members to quickly digest what is happening in an ad account.

  2. Conducting Creative Analysis: By denoting the most important details about an ad and tests you are conducting, naming conventions allow you to easily sort and compare ads against one another.

Creative Analysis & Naming Convention

Properly structured ad naming conventions unlocks a world of possibility when it comes to answering questions like:

  • What creatives perform best at my top-of-funnel?

  • Should I invest in videos or static images?

  • What audience should I tailor my next ad to?

  • What offer will resonate best with my audience?

Why? Simply because, with all the most relevant information of an ad revealed on the ad name, it is easy to test hypotheses and find conclusions on Motion.

The How-To's on Naming Convention

If you don't yet have a Naming Convention system in place (or if you are ready to level your current one up), we wrote a comprehensive blog article on how to create killer naming conventions.

It covers everything from how to name your ads to what you can do with good naming conventions, and includes a handy naming convention template for you to get on a running start.

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