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Facebook Ad Types in Motion
Facebook Ad Types in Motion

Motion labels Facebook ads in card view and allows for filtering by ad type. Learn what each of these ad types means.

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Ad Types in Motion

There are two places you'll find ad types in Motion:

Card View

Ads are labelled on Motion card view according to their ad type.

Filtering Ads

Ads in Motion can be filtered by ad type.

What do these ad types mean?


Image assets. If a Facebook ad is multi-creative (and not DCO), but all multi-creatives are images, then it’s labelled as an image.


Video Assets. If multi-creative (and not DCO) but all multi-creative are videos, then it’s labelled as a video.


If we determine that they have cards (multiple images multiple videos) in their ads. If multi-creative (and not DCO) but all multi-creatives are carousels, then it’s labelled as a carousel.


DPA/DABA (anything using a product catalog or product sets in the ad)

Instant Experiences

If they’re using a CANVAS link then it’s an instant experience.

Page Post

If they’re running the asset through a page and we can’t get access to the ad to determine what type it is, then it is a page post.

Dynamic Creative

DCO overrides any other ad type. If it is labelled on Facebook as a DCO, it is a DCO.

Multi Ad

When broken down by ad name: if several ads of different types have the same name we group them together as a Multi Ad. (i.e. they have an image and video with the same name, we’ll group it as a multi ad). If they’re all images then we default to image. If they’re all videos then we default to video. If the types don’t match then it’ll be a multi ad. Any ad on FB that we determine are multi-creative but we can’t determine the type, will also be a multi ad as well.


Ads that have multiple image, headline, text, LP, video, assets (will include DCO every time).

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